we are cosas, a carefully curated collection of unique gifts from various regions of mexico. each item is hand-crafted by skilled artisans and is responsibly sourced. 

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Cosas strives to do good. We partner with Mexican artisans and practice fair trade principles, including equatable compensation. It is our promise that every cosa you purchase from us helps to empower the artists who created them. We have personal relationships with each of our artisans and pride ourselves on partnering with those who offer goods that give back to their communities. Each gift is sourced responsibly.

Our hand crafted flowers are made out of recycled plastic soda bottles.  This process is called “Papelmalecho” and originates from Tapalpa, Mexico Each flower is hand painted by children and adults with special needs.  Your purchase of these beautifully crafted flowers helps support a local resource center which offers educational opportunities and social services to children with special needs in Tapalpa, Mexico.  

Our hand crafted woven tote bags are made out of recycle plastic and are designed by women in the Jalicso Prison System.  Cosas has partnered with a non profit organization in Guadalajara helping women rehabilitate while incarcerated.  Women are given the materials to weave the plastic totes and the totes are then sold in the community.  All proceeds from the sales of the totes is used to purchase sanitary items for the women in prison.  Through this service  initiative, several women have been able to help support their family upon release from prison by continuing to create our beautiful totes.  The women are compensated with equatable wages for their creative creations.