About Us

COSAS offers colorful Mexican textiles, totes and trinkets hand picked and collected for our customers. All items are responsibly sourced and designed by talented artisans from central Mexico.  We provide generous compensation to all our makers and practice fair trade principles.  Your hearts will feel full knowing that your generous COSAS purchases help support several social service projects in Mexico including Citac Special Needs School in Tapalpa, MexiArte, a mission supporting women prisoners in Jalisco and Comedor de Guadalajara, a soup kitchen in San Juan de Ocotan.  

Julie, the Founder of Cosas, lived in Guadalajara, Mexico for the last 4 years and visits frequently to maintain current partnerships and source new artisans.  She fell in love with the beauty, rich culture, vibrant colors, arts and sense of community Mexico has to offer. With her love for travel and her admiration of the Mexican culture and artisanship, she is excited to bring her favorite gifts from the heart of Mexico to the hearts of her customers.

Bienvenidos a Cosas!




Cosas strives to do good. We partner with Mexican artisans and practice fair trade principles, including equatable compensation. It is our promise that every cosa you purchase from us helps to empower the artists who created them and to strengthen their own communities.


Cosas celebrates the beauty, customs and culture of Mexico!  The vibrant colors and textures of our products inspire us to feel good, and we see real value in feeling good... because it inspires us to do good. We value the artistry of our designers by promoting their creativity and supporting their dreams of sustainability.


It is our mission to bring unique, hand-crafted gifts from the heart of Mexico to our customers. We have personal relationships with  each of our artisans and pride ourselves on partnering with those who offer goods that give back to their communities. This fuels our desire to do good, one cosa at a time.

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